About AZ Legal

The legal industry has always been static, conservative and even protective of its tradition but now it is entering the new age. With the ever evolving legal scenario, we provide advice to corporates, investors, financial institutions, individuals, start-ups and multi-national corporations across a range of industry sectors and on a variety of matters, ranging from regulatory to transaction and advisory. We offer strategic solutions to clients to tackle their most complex and critical problems, and our constant passion for innovation helps in delivering the best solutions to them.

AZ Legal is incorporated with an idea to change the way legal services are provided in the Netherlands and to help its clients from A to Z with its one-stop-shop scheme. We provide quality services of top-tier consulting companies and law firms, and are pragmatic and novel in our approach. We have one-firm mindset, we share common values and we have a strong culture of knowledge-sharing and inclusion, which focuses on benefiting our clients and adding value to their business.

A Team of Experienced Lawyers

Our team consists of local and multinational professionals, with multilingual skills which enables us to serve our clients in Dutch, English, German, Turkish, Russian and Azerbaijani languages. Our strategic solutions and effective consultations will ensure your success and growth. We believe in providing precise and accurate information about our services and fees, so that, you can analyse your needs with our expertise better.

Our Commitment to You

AZ Legal has established a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Effective communication on emerging and attendant risk is central to our client engagement approach. We pride ourselves on deconstructing complex narratives and cutting through the legalese in order to deliver concise, pithy and actionable information to clients and other stakeholders. Our services focus on winning the client’s confidence by prioritising their needs and vision for their businesses, and involve them in every step of the way.
This commitment forms the core of our corporate values. 

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After filling in the form, you will be contacted within 24 hours by e-mail.

We are a new generation of lawyers in the fast-paced and evolving world. We proudly meet the needs of our clients by creating smart solutions to their inquiries and guiding them every step of the way.

AZ Legal