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Bahruz Sadigov

Bahruz B. Sadigov - Partner, Managing Director

  • Industries Law firms, Venture Capital, Startups, Multinationals, Real Estate, Energy
  • Practice Area International restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, special purpose vehicles, immigration, high net worth individuals, tax compliance
  • Languages Dutch, English, Turkish
  • Years of Experience 8+
  • Alma Mater Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Location Netherlands
  • Legal Role Partner, Managing Director

Nargiz Yusifova

Nargiz Yusifova - Legal Counsel

  • Industries Corporate law, Compliance and Regulatory Services, Immigration Law
  • Practice Area Ankara Agreement, Corporate restructuring, Merger and Acquisition
  • Languages English, Azerbaijani, Turkish
  • Years of Experience 5+
  • Alma Mater Leiden University - School of Law
  • Location Netherlands
  • Legal Role Legal Counsel


Ilhama Mustafayeva - Compliance officer

  • Industries Financial organizations, Fintech, Gaming industry, Corporate
  • Practice Area Regulatory compliance, due diligence, immigration and corporate administration
  • Languages English, Turkish, Italian
  • Years of Experience 3+
  • Alma Mater Maastricht University - School of Law
  • Location Netherlands
  • Legal Role Compliance officer


Yusif Azimov - Finance Manager

  • Industries Financial organizations, Oil and Gas, Alternative energy, SPVs, Licensing, Commodity Trading, Blockchains
  • Practice Area Reporting and budgeting (Dutch GAAP & IFRS), bookkeeping, valuations and loan servicing
  • Languages English, Turkish, Russian, Dutch
  • Years of Experience 5+
  • Alma Mater RSM, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Location Netherlands
  • Legal Role Finance Manager


Rasim Kazimov - Finance Manager

  • Industries Fund Services, Asset Management, Oil & Gas, Energy, Corporate Services, E-Commerce, SPVs, Real Estate
  • Practice Area Fund Administration, Financial Analysis & Valuation, Budgeting & Forecasting, Financial Reporting
  • Languages Dutch, English, Russian, Turkish
  • Years of Experience 4+
  • Alma Mater Rotterdam School of Management
  • Location Netherlands
  • Legal Role Finance Manager


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Our Corporate Practice

Our Corporate Practice

AZ Legal provides a range of services to companies around the world looking to establish and maintain a legal entity in the Netherlands. Our practice is built on a systematically curated knowledge base and expertise in global best behaviours and practices. Our dedicated team leverages this strong foundation to help businesses enhance their reputation and take advantage of market opportunities through our value-driven, sustainable, relevant, and contemporary approach to business management. Historically, many multinational companies, from all continents, have used the Netherlands as a holding jurisdiction and as their European business hub. Notwithstanding the recent turbulent times, direct investments into Europe have skyrocketed lately. The Netherlands, with its strong, internationally focused economy and open business environment has witnessed a consistent rise in direct investments and foreign portfolios. Foreign investors are attracted by the beneficial tax system, the ease of business climate, strong financial sector, favourable geographical location, quality of life, and most-importantly, a government that believes in growth through innovative and rising businesses.
Our Corporate Practice

We are a new generation of lawyers in the fast-paced and evolving world. We proudly meet the needs of our clients by creating smart solutions to their inquiries and guiding them every step of the way.

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